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2024 Spring Ice Cream Run 5/26

Springtime Ice Cream Run

By Morris Garagian

In recognition of Drive Your British Car Week, Bro Russ organized a run to a perennial favorite of the VBAC: Superior Dairy in Hanford, CA, for a special ice cream run.

Morris isn’t sure; maybe it was the lure of extra high butter fat content ice cream or maybe members wanted to dry out the mildewed interiors of their LBCs from the British Roundup in March (see Brit Marq, May ’24), but Russ had an outstanding turnout for his run. By the time we were ‘clutches out’, there were 2 Jaguars, 2 MGBs, 3 MGAs, 1 Alpine, 1 TR-3, 1 TR-6, & 1 Midget, led by Russ & Tammy’s Porsche 912 (Ugh). Russ had a good excuse: the TR-4 was having starter problems and he didn’t want to risk the 90+ mile excursion with questionable Lucas parts.

Russ & Tam had a great route planned. Leaving the start area, we headed toward the rural farming areas, bypassing Sanger as we headed south. All the LBCs were in prime condition with no FTPs on this trip. Soon we arrived in Selma to stop at Wilkins, a classic 1950s era drive in, for a welcome lunch and more opportunities to swap stories. We were soon joined by additional VBACers: Michael & Debra with their Spitfire and Per with his late model Lotus adding to our caravan. Lunch was good & filling and the only problem was the closed restroom which was soon remedied by a close-by gas station. (Drat those 60, 70 year old bladders!)

Soon we continued on our quest and arrived at our destination in Hanford where we indulged in our icy dairy rewards. After many more tall tales and finishing off the last of our treats, it was time to fire up the beasties and head for home. Goblin was in the mood for a little higher readout on the rev counter, so we headed northbound on CA-43 and then home. Rich & Carolyn in their Alpine decided to play tag as they headed up the hill to the Prather area.

A great time with good folks and fun machines. A big thanks to Russ & Tam for putting this run together.

Til next time:

Safety Fast!

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