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Club  Meeting Minutes

Valley British Auto Club

Monthly Dinner Meeting Notes


Feb. 6, 2024

Cool Hand Luke's, 955 Shaw Ave., Clovis, CA

Attendance: 18

Treasurer's Report: $6492.38 in account. 14 Roundup entrees (7MGs), 13 shirts sold

Secretary's Report: Minutes review from January's Meeting. Martin & Larry will do a 'dry run' of proposed Roundup run on February 24. Results will be reported at next General Meeting. 

Any members needing a badge should see Jon. Steve reported the badges for club members are $12.00.

Bill V.D. reported on the Kars & Koffee event on Jan. 13. 9 Brit cars showed for this event and the organizers heartily welcomed the VBAC. Bill suggested that, in future participation, our group show up at 7:45 so all our cars can park together. This is a continuing event: a number of car enthusiasts meeting on the 2nd Saturday of every month at 8:00 a.m. at the Fort Washington & Friant area.

This Saturday, Feb.10, Russ has organized a run for Drive Your Triumph Day. This will be in conjunction with Kars & Koffee. The run will start about 10:00 a.m., but show up early (9:30 or earlier) to visit & have a photo op. All Triumph folks (and Triumph friends) are urged to come out. Please E-mail Russ if you plan on attending. His contact info is on the VBAC website.

Jon reported on the past weekend Fresno County Wine & Chocolate Tour. The weather was a major down factor and everyone was disappointed that there were no food facilities on the tour until reaching 2 Ravens at which time everyone visited the Red Caboose. Good reports on the wine quality were lacking. A bright spot that Jon mentioned was Gibson Winery donated a case of wine for a Roundup raffle prize.

There are a number of past Roundup shirts and VBAC club shirts available for $5.00. Contact Jay if interested.

Things are shaping up for the Roundup. Keep in mind everyone's help is needed and much appreciated for helping out at the booth. Please volunteer to help out the 'regulars'. The B.O.O.T. folks and the Valley Veterans appreciate our involvement and the more people actively participate, the more we can contribute to the vets. We need to have some members actively 'working the crowd' to sell raffle tickets and to let the crowd at least be aware of the prizes and the benefit of the sale they provide. If interested, please contact Jon or Martin.

Tammy suggested a flyer showing the raffle prizes be provided so a member could show a potential customer, who then would be encouraged to visit the raffle table. Jon said he is planning to do this.

Jon recognized Tammy for her work on making sure we have a facility for our dinner meetings. Tammy has offered to continuing doing this. Thanks to all that contributed the list of the 23 restaurants considered.

Next  meeting will be March 5, Ovidio's Restaurant, 3097 W. Bullard, Fresno. 

Meeting adjourned ~ 8:30 p.m.

Larry Zerwig/Secretary

January    2,  2024

Woodward American Grill, 9433 N. Ft. Washington Rd., Fresno, CA

Attendance: 19

Treasurer’s Report: Jay reports the club has a balance of $7427.94 and 76 members. Financially in good shape for the upcoming British Roundup.

Pres. Jon reported that plans are continuing for the Roundup. The design for the tee shirt has been finalized. The VBAC logo will be on the left breast; on the back will be a frontal view of an MGA, MG-TC, and an MGB below the Clovis logo. The shirts have been designed to recognize the 100 year anniversary of the MG company. The colors will be white on red. Check out the shirts on the E-mail from Jon.

At the present time, we have two major contributors for our raffle prizes: A firearm will be donated from Tony’s (close to Ruby’s Bar on Pollasky). The owner of Tony’s has suggested that raffle tickets be purchased at his store. Our own club member, Peter, has volunteered to contribute an electrical scooter from his company. This scooter is worth ~$1600.00. Additional ‘big ticket’ prizes, including the VARA driving training, are being negotiated upon.

Jon mentioned the Steering Committee will be meeting next week for additional planning. Martin wants to discuss trophies and categories. Larry & Martin will present a preliminary run for consideration.

Jon has organized a Wine & Chocolate Run on Sunday, Feb.4. He is planning a gathering spot for the run. Check your E-mail for further plans, information.

Marty has been doing a great job reorganizing the website. Check out all his work. Continue to submit your bios and vehicle photos to Marty.

Next dinner meeting will be Feb. 6 at a location to be determined.

Meeting adjourned ~8:30 p.m.

Larry Zerwig/Secretary

December 5,  2023

Old Spaghetti Factory, 1610 E. Shaw, Fresno, CA
Attendance: ~27

Treasurer’s Report: Jay reported the Club has a balance of ~$7300. No outstanding debts. The Club is in good fiscal condition.

Pres. Jon recognized new members in attendance: Bill Van Deelen & Ron Goodlad, and ‘re-upped’ member Bill Wilson. Past Pres Warren & Rebecca made the trip from Brown’s Valley to celebrate with us.

Richard Swack recognized for his contribution from the VBAC to the Kingsburg Railroad Depot Museum. Richard contributed a period correct (1923 vintage) silverware set to the museum for display in their tableware setting of the stationmaster apartment. 

Peter Patriquin recognized as a new member of the Steering Committee.

Jon stated that the 2024 British Car Round Up will occur March 24th, the weekend before the last weekend in March due to Easter being on the last weekend. Details on our annual event will be coming up after upcoming Steering Committee meetings. More information will be made available by E-mail and general meetings. Stay tuned.

The dinner was followed by a lively gift exchange for those who chose to participate. We were honored by a visit from Santa Claus and his helper (aka Charles & Virginia) and Bro Jay insisted he had been nice when he whispered in Santa’s ear.
January’s Dinner Meeting to be held at Woodward American Grill @ Friant and Fort Washington on Jan. 2, 2024.
Meeting adjourned ~ 8:30 p.m.
Larry Zerwig/Secretary 

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