2021  Activities

Monthly dinner meetings are on the  first Tuesday of the month.
Different restaurants will be favoured throughout the year.
It’s your club! Please collaborate with any of the officers
(Warren, Rick etc.)  with your suggestions for the   2021    VBAC calendar!
 September    17, 2021

Greetings all,

Thank you Tammy Weber for  reserving A.J.'s Armenian Restaurant. for October 5th. 6:30

You can find A.J.'s at 5048 N Maroa Ave, Fresno,  east side of Maroa just north of the Shaw intersection.  Come early, parking stinks but we dig the Lulu .



August    12, 2021

 September dinner meeting at DiCiccos Italian Restaurant on Tuesday 9-7-21 @ 6:30 Nees and Cedar

August    8, 2021

Good morning all,

Just a minute here to discuss the upcoming Edison Museum tour this Sunday 8-8.  We will start our run up the hill from the park-n-ride lot and the intersection of hwy 168 and Lodge road just east of Prather.  it's the parking lot on the right at the hard left turn as you hit the 4-lane.  We'll do a collective clutch dump at 9:15am so plan to be there in plenty of time for some trash talk and tire kicking.

I know it's going to be a hot one.  It should cool as we reach higher elevations.  Dont let the heat scare you out of this run.  I encourage you to leave the LBB cars at home and join us in your air conditioned lux-O-barge if you're not 100% sure of the toy making up the hill.  I'll be leaving the Jag at home and making the run on two wheels.  The museum will be running their steam donkey during the day.  I really want to see that thing in action.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight at the Spaghetti Factory and on Sunday morning


August   3, 2021

Greetings everyone.

Thank you Tammy Weber for setting up our August dinner meeting.

Meet us at the Old Spaghetti Factory at 1610 E. Shaw on August 3rd @ 6:30.  We be dining in the small room adjacent to the bar.  Enter the main door and make a hard right.  I'm sure you'll recognize one or two of us bellied up to the bar.
Just a heads up, if we clear 25 people they'll give us a simpler menu to get everyone fed together. Less than 25 and we'll order off the regular menu.  Seems a lot of local places are doing this lately.

See you there.


July   13, 2021

Greetings everyone.  

Grab your calendars and a pen and limber up that wrist.  We have some dates for you.

first is the visit to Paul Watts on July 24th.  attached is the page provided by Dennis on the particulars.

Next is 8-8-2021.  we have scheduled a tour of the Edison museum at Shaver Lake. Stay tuned for the particulars on that run.  Fred Peterson has the details and I'll get back to you on those.

Next is 9-18-21.  The VBAC has been invited by the Fresno Scottish Society to participate in their annual Scottish Games.  They are providing a spot in Kearney Park for us to park our cars during the games.   Each car will receive two free passes to the games.  Stay tuned for more information but I wanted to get this one inked in.

Next is 11-10 through the 14th.  Velocity International will be holding a large racing event at Laguna Seca Raceway.  We'll get the info together on that one as well.

Thanks everyone.


Paul Watts personal car collection


Paul Watts joined our club in 2020. And would like everyone to come see his eclectic collection. It is museum quality. Items are displayed ceiling to floor.

5 Garages full of personal collections of car memorabilia, photos, signage, license plates, toys, and rare NOS parts. A huge collection of brass items from a variety of cars. Logging equipment, tractor items, and fire engine items. Cars represented in the rooms are Cadillac, Ford, Buick, Hudson, Packard, Nash, Model A, Jordan, and more!

Some items came from Brazil, South America, Argentina, Germany, Russia, and Peru.

These cars are a must see just by themselves.

1949Cadillac, 1956 Lincoln Continental, 1957Cadillac,1979 Rolls Royce, 19?? Model A

Meet at Starbuck 765 Temperance Ave. and Owens Mountain Pkwy. Clovis

Arrive at 9:15 am

Leave at 9:45 am for Paul’s house.

Afterwards, back to our start location and have lunch at Riley’s Brew Pub 2674 Owens Mountain Pkwy.