2020  Activities

Monthly dinner meetings are on the  first Tuesday of the month. Different restaurants will be favoured throughout the year.

It’s your club! Please collaborate with any of the officers (Warren, Rick etc.) with your suggestions for the 2020 VBAC calendar!

September 2020
October 2020

At last, after months of being locked down the VBAC is back on the road. The Business Owners of Old Town Clovis "BOOT" have invited us to gather for an informal / impromptu car show during their Antique and Collectors Fair on October 18th. That's right, you heard me, the Antique Fair schedule is starting up again.  This will be an informal gathering much like we did with Tesoro Viejo last year.  We will be parking on the Bullard block west of Pollasky and have enough space for everyone.

BOOT has asked us for a rough count of how many of us might attend.  Please reply to this email warrenprouty@gmail.com so I can get an idea.



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