2021  Activities

Monthly dinner meetings are on the  first Tuesday of the month.
Different restaurants will be favoured throughout the year.
It’s your club! Please collaborate with any of the officers
(Warren, Rick etc.)  with your suggestions for the   2021    VBAC calendar!
May  19, 2021

Greetings again,  bet you're tired of hearing from me.

I've made arrangements for our June dinner meeting at Papi's Mexican Restaurant.

I know it hasn't been long since we were there but Rebecca and I missed that one so deal with it.

meet us on Tuesday June 1st at 6:30.  Papis Mexican Restaurant 5624 / 1560 E. Champlain Dr #101

See you there.


May  19, 2021

"The Hot Rod Gathering 854 N Fowler Ave. (Missionary Baptist Church between Alluvial and Nees) is again this Friday.  You can come at any time and leave at any time during the evening.  The BBQ grill will be serving between 5:30 and 7pm, then ice cream in the little cups with wooded spoons.  The meal includes Burgers and Hot Dogs with the trimmings, chips and water or soda, plus the ice cream! Donations are accepted for the BBQ. You will not see a wider variety of hot rods and classic vehicles anywhere each week. We plan on the Gathering being here every Friday through September except for July 23 for a Church campout.


    The proceeds from your donations go to Rapha Ranch, a horse ministry for at-risk youth.  There are Hot Rod Gathering hats and Tee shirts available for $16 each.  We have X and XL sizes available now. "


Parking is on the grass or the hard top whatever you prefer. There are lots of trees and shade and picnic table. Bring your chair and enjoy the evening. The event is free to attendees and lookers. A nice way to spend Friday evening.

The Diffey's will be there with both vintage vehicles, 1964 Yellow Chevy Truck and the 1973 Red Spitfire. We hope some of the club can come and enjoy the evening.


It's not a car show, per say, it's a car gathering. There is no judging and no prizes, just a nice evening with car enthusiasts and a BBQ.


Charles and Virginia Diffey