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2024 Cars and Coffee

Kars and Koffee

By Jon Brothers

Saturday morning, January 13th, dawned as quite the typical bone piercing winter morning in Fresno. With rain in the forecast, a dozenVBACers joined in the first Kars and Koffee event of 2024, sponsored by the local chapter of the BMW Car Club of America. This event was well attended by owners of cars of all kinds.

As BMW made up the bulk of the cars in attendance, along with a handful of Mustangs, modern MINIs and others, our British machines stood out proudly amongst them all.

Encouraged to come out and join in, by one our newest members Bill V., we fielded a very respectful array of British examples, including 2 Minis and a MINI GP, 3 modern classic Jaguars, an MGA, MGB, MGB GT, and aTR4. We found there was a huge interest in our cars and the owners found themselves busy with attending to questions and sharing stories about the history of these great cars. Equally, we found ourselvesimmersed in viewing and discussing all the great examples of the Ultimate Driving Machine.

After spending two hours enjoying the new found company of all these very fine car folks, we departed just as the skies began to open and bless us with a wee bit of much need precip.

Thanks to Tony (a long time local BMW and Classic Mini enthusiast) of the Fresno chapter of BMWCCA for welcoming us to their event, and to Bill V. for suggesting this new opportunity to commingle. Looking forward to

many future events to come.

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