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2023 Tollhouse Foothill Run

2023 December Foothill Run

By Morris Garagian

Bright blue skies and a rare 70 degree day on Dec. 16 granted an opportunity to give Green Goblin some exercise. Morris sent out a plan for the VBAC, but too short a notice and too many Christmas preparations limited the company on this impromptu run. A couple of Triumphs did come along to keep the MG company. Bro Richard & Dora (TR-3) and Bro Bill (TR-6) showed up to make the dash to a familiar destination for us: The Tollhouse Market & Grill.

While having lunch, Bro Rich & Carolyn (Sunbeam Alpine) joined us and, being foothill residents, mentioned that there are a few local attractions that the VBAC might consider for future get-togethers. One of these was Wild Bill’s Windmill Park that Rich lead us on a 10 minute drive to check out.

After proceeding up a graveled road for about ½ mile, we came upon the sight of numerous windmills of all shapes & sizes. Being this was an exploratory visit, Morris didn’t check out the history of the area, but everyone agreed this would make a great picnic site.

After a quick phot op, we parted directions and the band of flatlanders headed down CA 168 and homeward bound.

‘Til next time,

Safety Fast!

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