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2023 Adios to Pres. Warren

Normally Morris doesn’t report on the VBAC’s social events unless a good run is involved, but this was a special time.

“Fearful Leader”, “El Grande Hefe”, whatever he is referred as, our President, Warren Prouty, has retired and he and Rebecca are leaving this area to retire in the Gold Country of northern California.

The Bay Area is where Warren & Becca first met. A story that Warren related to Beloved Navigator and Morris a few years ago: when they were first dating, Warren committed on seeing a ‘60s vintage MGA when Becca said “No, it has to be a ’59 or earlier. MG didn’t put the separate turn signal light until 1960.” Warren, at that moment, thought, ‘I got to marry this girl’.

Of course, no story would be complete about Warren if his British Iron wasn’t mentioned. Prior to June 2018, the vehicle was a 1969 Jaguar XKE 2+2. After this date, returning from Mother Lode 400, the Jag developed an internal engine problem that Warren deemed would be extremely expensive to correct and he decided to substitute the magnificent Jaguar powerplant with a FoMoCo 289 (sob!). From that moment on, the Jag was forever known as FrankenJag. There are multiple stories that Morris, as well as other VBACers, could relate, but that would take many more pages. Suffice to say; Warren & FrankenJag narratives will be missed.

Warren was President from 2017-2023. A great tribute was presented to him by our new President, Jon Brothers: “Due to Warren’s ‘outside the box’ approach to leading the Club, he encouraged and empowered others who might not have otherwise felt to become involved”. Another Coventry Cougar affiliate, Bro Nigel Flopstalk, contributed a vintage Jaguar steering wheel as a token of appreciation from the VBAC. Tributes were presented by Bros Russ & Martin.

Not all is gloom & doom: with a new, dynamic leader in Bro Jon, the VBAC will grow stronger in the years to come.

Best wishes and Godspeed, Warren! And , who knows, with that new, great outside multicar garage, maybe you can get an MG as a stablemate for FrankenJag!

Safety fast!

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