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2023 Wine & Chocolat Tour

This is that time of the year (Valentine’s Day) when all good LBC owners pay homage to our sweeties, the flesh and blood ones that support us when we are involved with the other objects of our affections.

Bro Jon put together the “Fresno County Wine & Chocolate Journey” and the Saturday of the tour saw a turnout of 9 vehicles and 17 individuals ready to cruise the rural areas of western Fresno winery territory in search of the perfect pairing of sweet treat and ‘fruit of the vine’.

First on the agenda was Ziveli Winery where there were 4 combinations to sample. Most of the VBAC enjoyed this, but many had comments on the best wine to pair with a gummy bear type candy!?

Next in turn was Moravia Wines who will graciously provide a super raffle prize during our British Car Roundup in March. (More to appear in an upcoming edition of British Marque). Following was A. Nonini Winery who provided great tri-tip sandwiches to go with their wine. Everyone had ‘two thumbs up’ for the sandwiches. The last two wineries were decided to be by-passed in order for the group to investigate a distillery in this same area. Marian Farms is the only distillery that participated in the Wine Journey Weekend and many members were curious about their operation and equipment. Unfortunately, the staff wouldn’t allow us to take a ‘behind the scenes’ look due to safety considerations. Drat!

The Wine & Chocolate Tour turned out to be one of those deceptive get togethers: The group decided that a lot of miles had been put on the steeds, too many sweet calories had been consumed (not to mention the wine), and too many laughs exchanged. Thanks to Jon for his efforts putting this run together.

Of course, ‘til next time: Safety Fast!

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