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2021 VBAC Roundup

Reflections on the 2021 Clovis British Car Round Up

Having spent my entire professional life in heavy manufacturing, I've adhered to a simple rule: if you're going to change a process, make one change at a time. This philosophy has proven valuable when the unexpected happens. In 2021, however, the Valley British Auto Club (VBAC) decided to throw caution to the wind.

For the past 15 years (save for 2020), VBAC has been hosting the Clovis British Car Round Up annually, traditionally teaming up with the City of Clovis to coincide with one of the city's Antique and Collectors Fairs. The event typically marked the last fair of the year, taking place in September.

In 2020, the City of Clovis shifted the last fair from September to October. Concerned about the impact on our Round Up, we made our first change: instead of the last fair, let's align with the first Collectors Fair in March. Change #1 accomplished.

The pandemic led to the cancellation of early Collectors Fairs in 2020. Following suit, we canceled our Round Up for that year. Come October, Clovis was eager for a Collectors Fair, prompting the business owners association to approach VBAC for a small car gathering. The 2020 Not-A-Show was born—a casual affair with British cars parked informally. Change #2 emerged: a laid-back street party vibe for future Round Ups.

Change #3 followed—no marques parked together, no trophies, just a casual gathering. Further changes ensued: fun awards for furthest traveled, longest owned, restored it yourself, and the President's pick. Invitations were extended to the California Highway Patrol and the Central Valley Veterans Association (Change #4 and #5).

As show weekend approached, traditional events like the Saturday rally remained unchanged. Show day dawned, and the anxiety of embracing multiple changes set in. Setting up the show booth went smoothly, attendees rolled in, and the day unfolded with smiles and camaraderie. A total of 67 cars graced the event, from polished gems to square one projects.

Despite my initial skepticism about deviating from the one-change-at-a-time rule, the 2021 Clovis British Car Round Up turned out to be a resounding success. My heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who contributed to making it a memorable and enjoyable experience.

What a blast it was!

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