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The day was October 29th, 2020. Our man Morris Garagian wakes up to clear skies and bit of sunshine. Fires up the computer and sends me an e-mail suggesting a quickie run for lunch on the upcoming Saturday. Kind of a Halloween run. Please no costumes! I’m thinking the same thing, itchy to get out there leave a little rubber and Castrol GTX on the local roads. 

No plans, no reservations, meet at point “A” and drive to our favorite little spot in Tollhouse California for a bit of lunch. I light up the Valley British Auto Club e-mail group and send out the invitation. No RSVP just be there or be square. Well Saturday morning dawns and little British Beasties begin rolling in from all four compass points. What a crowd! Seems like everybody was looking for an excuse to soak up little sunshine. 

On this morning it becomes apparent to me that most of us have not switched on the radio or checked out the news source of choice. Why, it’s only crazy political stuff anyway. Here’s the indicator. Our member Bill Baylis rolls up and exits the car wearing a white coated tuxedo. Now Bill’s as British as they come and I’m sure you’ve seen him countless times in his Union Jack apparel. Even his dog is named Brit. The first thought is Bill’s been up all night and is rolling in from some state dinner or fabulous gala event. No, unfortunately Bill shares with us the news of the loss of Sean Connery, everyone’s favorite Brit. 

Saddened by the news the conversation switches to memories of our favorite Connery movies and the days gathering is immediately deemed our first annual RUN FOR SEAN. We take a little time to collect our memories and it’s time to roll. Morris leads the pack and we’re off the Tollhouse Café and short drive into the foothills. Now the Tollhouse Café is a tiny little place popular with car clubs, motor bikers, pedal bikers, and anybody looking for a nice little local joint with great food and friendly people. 

Halloween morning was no exception. The joint was jumpin’. The staff did a great job of handling the crowd and we were enjoying lunch in no time. Lunches downed and catch ups completed we were off.

 Most of the group headed back down to their valley homes but a few of us decided to head up the hill to Shaver lake for after lunch milkshakes. Glutton’s all of us.

Our Shaver Lake drive took us into the heart of the Creek Fire devastation in the mountains east of Fresno. We took a moment to soak it in at a rest stop at the top of the hill and then on to Shaver Lake.

A big thanks to Morris for putting the run together be sure to join us next year for what I’m sure will become an annual RUN FOR SEAN.

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