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2020 Ice Cream Run

This was one of those quick, impromptu ideas that actually turns out to be a fun run. This all
began when central California finally had a beautiful late summer day with a minimum of smoky air. Bro Russ and Morris had arrived at Pres Warren’s hacienda to give him a helping hand and constructive criticism on the installation of a new cooling system for the infamous FrankenJag. (See Brit Mag; Jan, Feb 2020). In addition, we wanted to share an ale or two.

Russ casually brought up the idea that we had not had our annual ice cream run to Superior Dairy in Hanford, dairy capital of California. Due to the COVID 19 and hot, smoky atmospheric conditions from the nasty Creek Fire in the Sierra, plans were scuttled.  However, Russ suggested we make a run the next day since it was supposed to be a nice day. What a great idea and a way to get brownie points from Beloved Navigator after she gets her peach ice cream! Being it was such a late decision, Russ thought we probably wouldn’t be getting too much response from other VBAC members, but Morris had a feeling Jay and Susan would be up for the trip. Fellow MGA'ers are usually ready at the last minute.The following day, Jay and Susan met with Nav and self and we were off to Watkin’s Drive In in Selma to meet with Russ and Tammy.

Arriving at the 50's style drive in, Russ admitted he had an alternate motive for a cruise – he had recently received installed his newly rebuild motor for his 912 and he needed a nice break in run.No matter: any excuse for ice cream!After a quick lunch and conversation, it was off to Hanford. The ladies had requested a nice leisurely route through the ag lands, rather than take the higher speed CA 43 south. For the next hour we enjoyed the fields of agricultural bounty. The raisin harvest had just taken place and we noticed the raisin papers had all been gathered at the head of every row to be collected.

Arriving at Superior Dairy we received good news and bad news. The good news: for the 912;
the 2 MGAs: no FTPs (Failure To Proceed). The bad news: no peach ice cream!! The last fresh peaches had been harvested a few weeks earlier and that was a popular choice that rapidly disappeared. Major bummer!

After settling for the second choice of lemon, I joined the others at the city park to enjoy our frozen dairy delights. After spending time in good conversation, it was time to return home. This time we all decided to pick the faster way home and headed north. Everyone enjoyed the day’s activities and are looking forward to the next outing.

Till then,
Safety Fast!

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