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2020 BOOT, ‘Not a Show"

The VBAC got the word from Pres. Warren that the Business Owners of Old Town Clovis (BOOT) had invited us to the festivities of the Antique & Collectors Fair on Oct. 18. It seems the owners remembered us drawing a crowd to their event in times past. Enough said; due to all the lockdown procedures, Beloved Navigator was in a mood to be out for a while.

   We arrived early and were guided to a spot close by FrankenJag. Yes, readers, FrankenJag lives! After the transplanted FoMoCo 289, a new cooling system, and other incidentals, it was great to see it out of Warren’s & Rebecca’s garage. This impromptu event turned out to be well attended with a total of 25 cars-not bad considering the threat of COVID-19 still lingering. This was a rare occasion indeed, when it was found that the MGAs took the quantity prize. Besides Green Goblin & Bro Jay’s Black Beauty, Jay’s neighbor showed up with his black on black restoration and Scott& Cathy had driven from San Jose in their Old English White Twin Cam. It was good to get reacquainted with these two; Jay & Morris had met them at NAMGAR-GT42 where the Twin Cam had experienced a hole in #2 (?) piston on their way to the event.

   In between looking at the cars and talking with owners, Jay had an opportunity to do some shopping at the Collectors’ Fair and came back with a gift for the four ‘A’ owners. Each of us got a collectors’ movie poster with the MGA highlighted in an old Russ Meyer movie. 

   After the show, Nav treated the ‘A’ visitors to an early dinner before Scott & Cathy fought the traffic back to San Jose. While the potatoes were being baked, Scott introduced Jay & self to the performance of the Twin Cam. We headed to the back roads close by with some straights and plenty of curves. The Twin Cam proved to be some performer. I thought the Jensen-Healey I had driven last month liked the upper range of the tach, but the MG Twin Cam doesn’t take a back seat! 

   All too soon, it was time for our visitors to depart and, about 3 hours later we got a text they had made it home safe and sound.

   Safety Fast!

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