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Ron Goodlad

Spouse: Kathy Goodlad

Joined September 2023

I own a 1999 Jaguar XJR

My car finally passed 60,000 miles in January 2024

Why I chose this car: There's a story about buying the Jag. I had to sell the lifted pickup that I built because of a developing disability that made it difficult to get in and out. I wanted something fun. (I can't just drive a Camry around.) I began looking for a 40's or 50's Chevy or Ford, but it kept nagging me about the potential of sub-par work being done on the car's build. During an online search I saw a Jaguar XJ for sale. I have loved them since the 70's and decided this was what I was looking for. I found mine online in August 2023, with only 54,000 miles. A collector owned it in Chicago, and it was stored in his air-conditioned garage. He sent me 70 pictures and a history. We worked out the sale and it was shipped to me. I've been in love with it ever since. It hasn't seen too much driving in its lifetime but I plan to drive it. That's the fun of owning it. It has a few projects ahead to get it where I want it.

My favorite drive was on Highway 1, north of Cambria, where I discovered how it does on the winding roads. It is a driver's car. It surrounds you in luxury, but it takes to the winding roads like a sports car. And it has the power to spin those tires if you are so inclined.

Other interests: Kathy and I have an agreement. Whatever I spend on cars, she spends on her backyard. So, there are ongoing backyard projects. She's the architect and I'm the dumb labor. Kathy and I have just passed 50 years married.

Ron Goodlad

Fresno, CA

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