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Larry Zerwig (aka Morris Garagian)

Steering Committee/Secretary

Date joined: 2014 (approx.)

British Car Owned: 1961 MGA 1600 Roadster

Anything Unique: Early MGB engine

Reason for choosing: I saw my first MGA while working as an engineering student in Wood River, IL and was impressed with the design. Fast forward a few years and a job transfer to Fresno. I spotted a well-used MGA with missing gauges, crumbled right rear fender, and a terrible metallic blue paint job in a downtown used car lot. Needing a project to keep me from the Fresno bars and night life, I purchased the car and granted my liver a hiatus. A year later, I met Beloved Navigator and we proceeded to drive the MG near and far with interesting results. Nav kept track and decided that Goblin (by now painted the only color that a sports car made in England should ever have) needed a name common to a British Isle mischievous and unpleasant creature whose primary purpose is to cause trouble to mankind. Goblin was supposed to be a stablemate to Lis’ canary yellow AMC Gremlin (a Goblin & a Gremlin) but too many problems arose trying to get the Gremlin from Pittsburgh, PA to Fresno. Goblin stayed, the Gremlin found a new home.

Most memorable trip(s): North American MGA Register (NAMGAR) Get Together-42, Solvang, CA; Ironstone Concours, Murphys, CA; NAMGAR-47, Colorado Springs, CO; Gathering of the Faithful (GoF) 2023, Carlsbad, CA

Other Hobbies: Owning a classic Brit car, you’ve got to be kidding.

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