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Jon Frame

Spouse/Partner Name: Dawn Frame

Date You Joined VBAC:   July 2022

British Car(s) Owned:  1969 MG Midget

Anything Unique/Special About Your Car(s):  Been in the family for over 35 years and recently fully restored by me.

Reason For Choosing Your British Car(s): My dad received the car in the mid 80's while I was in high school. He had started the restoration project back in 1992 but then the car sat for 25 years until my 14 year old son wanted to rebuild it. It took us about 5 years to get it finished, but it was well worth the effort.

Most Memorable Trip: Just this last labor day weekend I took it over to the central coast for a car show in Cambria with my best friend and his 69 Camaro.  I left Cambria in the morning and headed to  Morro Bay for lunch at the rock, then to San Luis Obispo and back to Fresno. While stopped in Paso Robles for a nice cigar, I saw that there was an accident on 41 west of Kettlemen, so I decided to take an alternate route on 198 over the mountains. Half way across I came across "Frame Lane" (had no idea that it was there) so I had to stop and take a quick picture. Then proceeded through Coalinga and stopped at Harris Ranch for a fantastic burger, even ended up with a couple of free cocktails due to a mistake on my order.  After it was all said and done I put over 400 miles on the car that weekend and couldn't stop smiling for a week. The Midget was meant for that type of road trip!

Additional Hobbies or Interests:  Hanging out with my wife & kids, fly fishing, cycling, playing racquetball, and enjoying a good bourbon and cigar by the campfire.

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