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To All Members

July 24, 2023

Hello to our Everyone in our Valley British Auto Club membership…

I would like to take a few minutes to say hello to everyone and let you know that I look forward to everything to come in our Club's future.  I certainly have some large shoes to fill, as the list of my predecessors is definitely quite strong.  A huge Thank You goes to Warren Prouty for his seven years of dedicated leadership.  His out of the box approach to conducting business was always such a comfort to be a part of.  I know he motivated many of our members to become involved, beyond that of simple membership and participation, during his Presidential tenure.  I believe I too have some of those same characteristics and hope my previous organizational involvement and leadership experience will be a strong point as I step into this new role.

Having served as one of the Club’s Steering Committee members for the past several years, I have seen (and been a part of) several changes we have made along the way, particularly those surrounding our Car Show.  Our annual British Roundup has become one of the premiere car show events folks continually talk about and desire to attend every Spring.  I believe our Show will continue to grow as we move forward.  Thank you to everyone who dedicate their time to make each year a very nice success.

Supporting me as your President, are a group of folks who are equally dedicated to the success and betterment of our Club.  Many of you know who they are, but I would like to formally acknowledge them before I go any further… Each of these Members are currently serving on the Club’s Steering Committee.

Warren Prouty will move into the role of Immediate Past President, only absent through distance as a result of his relocation into Yuba County, in Northern California.  His immediate presence will be sorely missed, but I have been assured that he will always be here to support everyone as the need arises.

Rick Rogers, our outgoing Vice President, has stepped aside to concentrate on his family life and business obligations.  OUTSTANDING, is the term which immediately comes to mind to describe all that Rick has done to support the Club and its membership.  Rick is a friend to so many and we are blessed to have him right here in our Club’s backyard.  Thank you, Rick, for your many, many years of dedicated service to the Club and the British Automobile community.

Martin Connolly will step in to serve as the Club’s Vice President.  Many of you know that Martin previously served as President, just prior to Warren’s tenure.  He has not yet served as our VP.  Martin currently serves on our Steering Committee and has always been a major contributor to our Club.  His vast knowledge and leadership qualities will be a definite asset to everyone.

Larry Zerwig will continue as our Club Secretary.  Larry, who has always gone above and beyond in his dedication to a job I know all too well (from a couple of my previous professional affiliations), is a greatly appreciated asset to us all.  Larry will also serve as the Club’s Newsletter Editor.

Jay Newsome will continue in his duties as our Club’s Treasurer.  I cannot express enough just how important this job is and Jay has dedicated himself to this role unlike anyone I've seen.  His insight is incredible and is essential beyond words.

Steve Phillips is a long-time Club member and will become a Trustee member, continuing to serve in a support role to our leadership team.  Steve has has a very deep and broad knowledge in the automotive world, is a semi-professional race car driver, has been a long time contributor to the Club and car show, and was instrumental for years in developing the raffle prizes for our car show.

Russ and Tammi Weber are long-time, dedicated Club members who will become Trustee members, serving in support roles to the leadership team.  Both Russ and Tammi have been heavily involved in our Club and car show organization.  Russ continues to serve as a coordinator for parking and Tammi continues to assist as a registrar for the show.

Marty Hardison will continue to serve the Club as our Website Keeper.  Marty has been a distant member for the past few years, dedicating himself to the Club’s website.  This is a never ending and thankless job, requiring many hours too his time.  We are lucky to have Marty in this role and are grateful for his continued participation.

While I have just scratched the surface in identifying all that these individuals do to contribute to our Club, it goes without saying that things WOULD NOT run as smoothly and as seamlessly as they do, without their continued devotion and dedication.  I’m very lucky to have such a strong group of folks who are there to support all that we are doing and will continue to do moving forward.  Should anyone have the need to contact any of the members identified above, we will be posting their contact information at a later date.  In the meantime, please reach out to me and I will put you in touch.

In closing, I’ll be excited to see the continued participation from everyone who are regularly involved with our Club. I would encourage participation from the folks who seldom come out to join us, either at our dinner meetings the first Tuesday of each month, or as participants in our Roundup Car Show.  I encourage EVERYONE to be involved through the sharing of ideas for new dinner meeting location options, group gatherings, and/or Club sponsored events and outside events that we simply cannot know the whole of.


Participation is the key to the continued success and future growth of VBAC.  I anticipate the formation of a sub-committee or two, to address a need to spread our special events workload.  I will do my best to keep everyone informed as to the events we will sponsor, as well as those events which may occur outside of our regular Club activities.

Thank you, and please feel free to reach out to me by email or phone, with any questions or concerns you may have.

Take care,  Jon.

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