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Brit Invasion of the Foothills 6/22

British Invasion of the Foothills

By Morris Garagian

Morris received the word from high country resident Rich (Sunbeam Alpine) that there was to be a community gathering in the hamlet of Auberry on June 22nd, specifically a car show, and would the VBAC be interested in the climb up the hill to attend? Now readers of ‘Running Hot’ know that Green Goblin is definitely not a show car, but the 20 mile run on CA 168 with the twists and turns of the California Sierra foothills is a fun time, so at least one driver & vehicle was ready to go.

The word was sent out, and on Saturday morning Ron (Jaguar XJR), Kathy (MINI), and Richard & Dora (TR-3) were willing to help push Goblin up the hill. As anticipated the run was a kick in the early morning hours and as we pulled into the Munahoo (Mono Indian for “Hello”) Market parking area, the VBAC was warmly greeted. This was a very intimate gathering with maybe 30 vehicles, most of which were the domestic ‘bow tie’ brand. In fact, I think there was a ’68 Mustang and a ’36 sedan and ’40 coupe from the ‘blue oval’ guys and a lone 60s Mopar van. While checking out all the vehicles, Bro Pete showed with his OEW MGB. Now the party could really get started!

Of course, with such a small group, it was easy to meet and talk cars with everyone. The eventual winner of ‘Best in Show’ was a picture perfect, matching numbers ’67 red Camero. I was guessing the value of around $30,000 for this vehicle, but was blown away when the owner said he had paid $68,000 for it and was glad to get it.

Now all week long, the high temperatures throughout the San Joaquin Valley had been 90-95 deg F, definitely livable. However, by the time Jun 22 rolled around, it was forecasted that the Valley would hit 107 and Auberry, even at 2000’ elevation, was not going to be that much cooler. Needless to say, much H2O was consumed. In between bottles of water, Morris realized that he had had a light breakfast and decided an Indian Taco was in order. For those not familiar, the taco is made with a refried bean and seasoned beef base, placed on Indian fry bread, then topped with shredded cheese, onion, lettuce, tomato, and salsa. The flat bread turned out to be about a foot in diameter and, upon finishing, Morris felt like a nap in the shade was in order, but there’s more: Bro Peter decided that Morris needed a piece of homemade Red Velvet cake. If Indian Tacos were not to your likening, there were also Power Dogs and plenty of fresh baked goods.

Besides the car show and good eats, there was live entertainment and plenty of vendor booths. Also, there was a Farmer’s Market at which Morris picked up some vine ripened cherry tomatoes, fresh green beans cucumbers, and baby bok choy for a feast with Beloved Navigator.

The Munahoo Market people did things right: rather than have things continue up to 3:00 or 5:00 p.m., they shut the car show down at 1:00, much earlier than the hottest part of the day. After all votes were in, congratulations extended, and good byes said, the VBAC was off and in return to the Valley.

A most enjoyable invasion!

Thanks to Rich for setting up this outing and, as always, Safety fast!

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