British   Car Roundup   2021 Report

VBAC Clovis British Car Round Up 2021 By Cat R. Waulin

I have been in heavy manufacturing for all of my professional life. Starting with inside sales,
warehousing, plant manager and back to sales. In manufacturing I have always tried to follow a simple
rule. If you’re going to change a process make one change at a time. The single change philosophy can
come in handy if & when the excrement meets the pneumatic circulator. It inevitably will and it’s much
easier to eliminate (or blame) the single change rather than sifting through several. Against my better
judgment, for 2021 the Valley British Auto Club threw this practice out the window. We have been
hosting our Clovis British Car Round Up annually for the last 15 years. (save 2020) Every year we have
teamed up with the City of Clovis California to share a few blocks of downtown with one of the cities
Antique and Collectors Fairs. We always schedule with the last fair of the year landing us usually in
September. For 2020 Clovis decided to move the last fair of the year from its September time slot out to
October. The Round Up was already the last show of the summer and pushing it out to October did not
sound like a good idea. CHANGE #1. “Hey I have a good idea”. Instead of the last fair of the year let’s
link up with the first Collectors Fair in March. Change #1 done! During the pandemic the City of Clovis
curtailed the Fairs in the early part of 2020. With the cancellation of the early Collectors Fairs the VBAC
thought it was prudent to follow suit and cancel our Round Up as well for 2020. By the time October
2020 rolled around Clovis was itching for a Collectors Fair and went ahead and scheduled the October
event. Now if you’ve ever been involved in organizing a car show you know it can’t be done in a couple
of weeks. That being said the business owners association of downtown Clovis contacted the Valley
British Auto Club and asked if we could put together a small gathering of the clubs cars. With that the
2020 Not-A-Show was hastily put together. The gathering was a casual affair with British cars parked as
they rolled into the block. It was a delightful day. No power parkers, no lobbying for trophies, lots of
camp chairs in the sun and people getting to know each other. CHANGE #2. “Hey I have a good idea”
was heard again. Instead of holding a formal show for the Round Up let’s have a casual gathering. No
marques parked together, no trophies, no voting for the best cars. Just a laid back street party vibe.
Change #2 done!! And, while we’re at it, let’s give out some fun awards like furthest traveled, longest
owned, restored it yourself, Presidents pick. CHANGE #3 done!!! See the hole we’re digging for
ourselves? If this goes awry they’re gonna chase the club President out of town with a pitch fork. Once
the change ball gets rolling it’s hard to stop. We invited the California Highway Patrol public relations
group to join us. They brought all kinds of toys and hung out with us all day. We invited the Central
Valley Veterans Association to join us and share in the receipts. CHANGE #4, CHANGE #5, buckle up
Butter Cup here we go. At this point the hole is so deep I can’t see the sun. So show weekend rolls
around. We start with our traditional Saturday rally and tour. No change there, Tour master Morris
Garagian put together a great route through the foothills capped by a no-host lunch at a local
restaurant. 16 cars, perfect weather, Hey! We’re off to a good start. Show day dawns and I fire up the
Jag and head for Clovis with an accelerated heartbeat. Members join in and get the show booth set up
and ready to go. So far so good. No bites in the butt yet. Little by little show attendees begin rolling in.
Parked as they arrive everyone is excited to be back in the car show business and it’s nothing but smiles
all the way down the block. Jags next to Healy’s, Triumphs next to MG’s, dog and cat’s living together!!!